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Automatic Tool Turrets

All Rhino lathes can be equipped with fully automatic tool turrets. These turrets are electro-pneumatically operated and provide holders for 4 boring tools and 4 external turning tools. Provisions are provided for one tool to be mounted upside down to allow for standard thread cutting under M03 spindle control. Tool turrets are supported fully in the software including automatic tool offset compensation in both the X and the Z directions. The emulator software fully supports the operation of the tool turrets.

Rhino Robotics Ltd. Automatic Tool Turret



Automatic Pneumatic Chucks

Rhino Robotics Ltd. Automatic Pneumatic Chuck

Fully automatic pneumatic chucks are available as optional equipment for all Rhino CNC lathes. These chucks allow the automatic loading and unloading of the lathe under program control for those educators investigating fully automated machining operations. All the pneumatic equipment, electrical equipment and software needed to control the chuck is provided with the chuck. A filter/regulator is provided as a part of the pneumatic service assembly that should be ordered with the chuck.



Automatic Door Openers

Fully automatic door openers are available as optional equipment for those educators needing to open and close the lathe safety shield fully automatically as part of their CIM/FMS investigation. All the pneumatic equipment, electrical equipment and software needed to control the doors is provided with the openers. A door opener needs about 0.1 CFM of compressed air at 35 psi. A filter/regulator is provided as a part of the pneumatic service assembly that should be ordered with the opener.



Work Holders

Rhino provides a full line of work holding accessories for its lathes. These include chucks, collet systems, collets and other accessories. Both manually operated and automatic are available. The accessories are matched to the lathes provided. Accessories manufactured by third party vendors can be used where the circumstances are appropriate. All Rhino accessories use standard mountings whenever possible so that flexibility and interchangeability are preserved.




A full line of lathe tooling is available for all Rhino lathes. Either a quick change tool holder system or a tool turret is provided on all lathes (except the ST/5). Rhino tool holders and Rhino turrets use standard tooling and fixturing so that all off the shelf tooling of an appropriate size can be used with Rhino lathes. Any special tooling required by the user for his lathe can be quoted and provided upon request.



Robot, PLC, User #1 and User #2 Interfaces

All Rhino lathes are available with interfaces that allow them to interact with industry standard signals. These allow the lathes to stop and start in proper coordination with their machines in CIM/FMS workcells.

The robot and PLC interfaces consist of the connectors and software needed to allow the lathe to interact with a robot automatically. A standard 4 wire interface is provided. Two wires are controlled by the robot and two wires are controlled by the lathe. Software in the lathe allows complete control of the lathe wires and response to the robot wires. The robot and the PLC interfaces are identical electrically and use industry standard 24V signals. They are controlled by separate software commands.

The User interfaces are double pole, double throw (DPDT) relays that are controlled by the lathe software. These dry reed relays are capable of handling up to 5 amps. The controller does not provide any power to the contacts.




Rhino Robotics Ltd. XR/4 Robot

Rhino can provide robots that can be used to interact with each lathe as needed. These robots can load and unload the lathes. Refer to the XR-3 and XR-4 pages for complete details on these units.



Tables and Stands

Rhino provides a full line of slotted tables and lathe stands for its line of CNC lathes. Stands can be provided for the lathes alone or for the lathe and the controller depending on the lathe to be served.  Stands are available with and without lockable cabinets and drawers.

Rhino Robotics Ltd. Tables


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