RM/5 Vertical Milling Machine

Rhino Robotics Ltd. RM/5 CNC Mill

Introduction to the RM/5 CNC Mini Mill

RM/5:  The introduction of the RM/5 vertical milling machine marks a new level of performance and sophistication for small computer controlled machines.

The Controller: The controller for the RM/5 is a DOS compatible computer. Rhino recommends a 80386 or better, mouse and hard drive for optimum performance. VGA and SVGA color monitors are supported. A serial cable provided by Rhino connects the computer to the RM/5.

The controller is used to Edit, Save and Load programs for the RM/5. It also supports the operation of the Manual Mode and monitors the operation of the RM/5 when it is connected to the machine. A very extensive, context sensitive, help system consisting of over 100 screens of information allows the user to have on-line help at all times.

Stand-Alone Operation: Once the program has been written and debugged on the computer attached to the RM/5, the program can be downloaded to the RM/5 and the computer can be disconnected from the milling machine. The operation of the machine can now be controlled entirely form the control panel of the RM/5. A built-in computer in the RM/5 now controls the operation of the machine. Control can be transferred to the controlling computer whenever desired. Full CIM and FMS operations can therefore be implemented with ease.

Sophisticated Software: The availability of a complete family of sophisticated and integrated software packages allows the user to design the part in AutoCAD, and then go from the AutoCAD drawing to SmartCam and on to the RM/5 operating system and to make the part without ever leaving the computer.

Accessories:  A full line of accessories including pneumatic doors and vises, and servo feeder robots are available from Rhino Robotics Ltd.

Controls:  The RM/5 control panel provides full support for stand-alone operation without the controlling computer. All the manual controls needed to operate the milling machine in the same way as full sized vertical milling machines are operated are provided on the front control panel of the RM/5.

Automatic homing in all three axes with visual indication of the home position with LED's is supported. The pulser and mini joystick allow precise control of the machine at all times under manual control. On-Off-Auto control is provided for the optional auto-pneumatic door and vise options.

Options:  A number of accessories make the RM/5 the mini mill of choice for introductory courses in CNC manufacturing processes. The most popular options are:

Automatic Pneumatic Vise - The pneumatic vise option allows the user to hold and release the work pieces automatically under CNC control from the controlling computer. Software control is provided from the RS-274D language. The vise can also be controlled from the front panel which provides the standard Open-Close-Auto control. The computer program has control in the Auto position.

Automatic Door Opener
- The automatic door option is similar to the automatic vise operation and allows automatic control of the double bifold front door. The door can also be controlled from the front panel which provides the standard Open-Close-Auto control. The computer program has control in the Auto position.


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