RoboTalk for Windows for the Mark III Controller (FG3794)


RoboTalk for Windows for the Mark IV Controller (FG3795)

RoboTalk for Windows is a robotic control language designed for the Rhino XR-Series and SCARA Robots. With it, you can completely control and utilize all the features of an XR Series or SCARA Robots and the Mark III or Mark IV Controllers. It is ideal as a first language because its command set is small, yet powerful, and easy to learn.


Download a demo version of the software free. The demo is fully functional, except it is limited to five lines of code and the SAVE function has been disabled. Click below to download the file.

RoboTalk for Windows
File Size: 1.7 Mb


The downloaded file is a self extracting file.


Locate the downloaded file on your computer and double click on the filename RTDEMO.EXE to extract the files. The default directory is C:\RTDEMO.


Once the files have been extracted, run SETUP.EXE to install the RoboTalk for Windows software. The default directory is C:\Program Files\Rhino\RoboTalkWindows.


A desktop icon and listing in the Programs menu will be made. Click on the icon to run RoboTalk For Windows.


Once the program is running, select ROBOT from the menu bar and click on CONFIGURE.
Select the proper Controller you have, either Mark III or Mark IV; Robot type, XR or SCARA; and the proper communications port if  COM1 is already being used on your system.


Mark III Controllers only:  The MODE SELECT switch on the front of the Controller must be in the UP position. If this switch is not in the UP position, the RoboTalk software will not communicate with the Controller.


The Communication Cable from the Controller to the Computer must be plugged into a serial port on the Computer. Be sure not to plug it into a parallel (printer) port. The Mark III Controller uses a special communication cable. Click here to view the proper cable pinout for the Mark III.


The software can be uninstalled by using Windows' Control Panel Add/Remove Software.


RoboTalk for Windows runs on Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.


RoboTalk for Windows requires the use of a Hardware Security Key or Hasp. (Hasp not required on the demo version.) The Hasp is available in either a Parallel Port or USB Port style. When ordering RoboTalk for Windows, specify if you require the Parallel Port or USB Port Hasp. (The printer cable can be plugged into the back of the Parallel Port Hasp.)

Also available, Mark III (40-054-6832) and Mark IV (40-054-6833) Utilities for Windows software - allows the transfer programs created in the Teach Pendant to/from the computer. (Demo not available.)


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