Slant Bed
Rhino Robotics Ltd. ST/5 CNC Lathe
A small, inexpensive lathe. Powerful, full featured software.



If you are on a tight budget and need all the software features required by the teaching environment, we recommend the ST/5 for your students' first experience with a CNC lathe.

The ST/5 uses a small 3.0 inch lathe that has been modified to allow it to be mounted in a slant bed configuration and to be run backwards just like a full sized CNC lathe. Running the lathe backwards allows all the circular cuts specified with G02 and G03 to work just as they would a full sized lathe. Since these are some of the hardest commands for the students to learn and understand, this is an important consideration.

The ST/5 is controlled by a DOS compatible computer. It is approximately 19 inches deep by 18 inches high by 24 inches wide. It can be transported and moved from classroom to classroom with relative ease. The lathe is completely self contained and needs only a DOS compatible computer with an RS-232C (serial) interface and a 115 VAC outlet to run it. No card is needed inside the computer. A computer on board the ST/5 allows full stand alone operation of the lathe, without a computer, once the lathe program has been downloaded to the ST/5 controller.

The ST/5 follows the Fanuc dialect of the RS-274D language, and all industrial and educational CAD/CAM software products that provide a Fanuc 6T post processor can be used to generate programs for the ST/5. This post processor is provided as standard software on almost all CAM packages.



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