Slant Bed

Rhino Robotics Ltd. ST/6 CNC Lathe

A small powerful lathe. Sophisticated, full featured software.



It is not possible to make a lathe much smaller that the ST/6 that will do real work. The ST/6 has a full one inch hole through the spindle and a motor big enough to allow you to take a substantial cut on each side of a 3/4 inch aluminum bar. An eight position tool changer allows you to make sophisticated parts completely automatically. Automatic door openers and pneumatic chucks are available for real world CIM and FMS investigations in the laboratory. Sophisticated software with the most extensive help system in the industry allows the student to learn at their own pace. The ST/6 is controlled by a DOS compatible computer.

It is the ST/6 software that sets the ST/6 apart from its competitors. The fully supported context sensitive help system allows the students to get immediate help from the system as they write their programs. The help system is context sensitive and is available with the F1 function key at all times. The program editor provides error checking after each line has been typed in, and the errors are indicated automatically by the software. A full featured emulator/editor and virtual lathe lets the student see what the lathe has been programmed to do before any cuts are taken.

The ST/6 follows the version of the RS-274D language made popular by Fanuc. All industrial and educational CAD/CAM software products that provide a Fanuc 6T post processor can be used to generate programs for the ST/6. This post processor is provided as standard software on almost all CAM packages.

The lathe is completely self contained and needs only a computer with an RS-232C (serial) interface and a 115 VAC outlet to run it. No card is needed inside the computer.




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