Slant Bed

Rhino Robotics Ltd. ST/7 CNC Lathe

A small, powerful lathe. An industrial controller.



The ST/6 and ST/7 use the same lathe engine. The ST/7 is equipped with servos so that it can be used with the ST/8 controller. This lathe is recommended to those users needing a small lathe with a full sized industrial, Fanuc type controller. A industrial controller gives you much better control over the lathe than a personal computer can give. The joystick, the pulser, the over ride switches and other controls provided give the student a feel for the power and ease of use of an industrial controller.

The information provided by the eight screen systems and their subsystems contributes to the understanding of the CNC system and how it is to be used. This is the controller the students need to be familiar with if they are to prepare for work on the shop floor or the engineering design office.

Using a small lathe with a powerful controller allows the ST/7 CNC lathe system to be provided at a very competitive price.

The eight position tool changer is provided as standard equipment on the ST/7. It has provisions for four boring tools and 4 external tools. The operation of the tool changer is electro-pneumatic.

The software for the ST/7 is identical to the software used by the ST/8. The only modifications are to the parameters that control the lathe and its motors so that the system can be optimized for the physical ST/7.

The software faithfully emulates the Fanuc 6T system keystroke-for-keystroke, screen-for-screen and control-for-control. Everything learned on the ST/7 system is 100% transferable to the shop floor and the engineering design office.

The joystick and the pulser controls combined with the fully implemented Manual Data Input mode allow the student to control the ST/7 just as he or she would a full sized industrial lathe. The powerful drive system allows the students to make real parts in real time.

Since the software follows the Fanuc standard, all industrial and educational CAD/CAM systems that provide a post processor for the Fanuc 6T system are fully capable of generating sophisticated programming code for the ST/7.




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