ST/7 and ST/8 Controller
A full sized controller that emulates industrial practice

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Command Set


The ST/7 and ST/8 lathes use the same controller. This controller is manufactured by Rhino Robotics and emulates the operation of the Fanuc 6T controller with major enhancements for the educational environment. These include the addition of Robot, Programmable Logic Controller, User #1 and User #2 interfaces and program storage on IBM-PC compatible diskettes.

The controller follows the guidelines set forth in the RS-274D standard established by EIA (Electronic Industrial Association). This is the standard language for all coordinate machines. The dialect followed is the Fanuc dialect. This version of the standard is the world standard for controlling CNC lathes. Any student who learns this standard will have no difficulty with learning to run most CNC machines. Engineers need to be familiar with this standard so they know and understand what can be done with the machines that follow this standard.


The Software


The following "G" codes are supported:

G00  Rapid traverse mode
G01  Feed rate mode
G02  Circular interpolation clockwise
G03  Circular interpolation counterclockwise
G04  Timed pause in program
G20  Inch mode
G21  Millimeter mode
G22  Software stroke limit on
G23  Software stroke limit off
G28  Return to home position in called axis
G29  Return from reference point
G32  Plain threading cycle
G40  Tool nose compensation cancel
G41  Tool nose compensation left
G42  Tool nose compensation right
G50  Set 0,0 position and maximum spindle speed
G70  Canned cycle, Finishing cycle (optional)
G71  Canned cycle, OD roughing cycle (optional)
G72  Canned cycle, Face roughing cycle (optional)
G73  Canned cycle, Profiling cycle (optional)
G74  Canned cycle, Face grooving cycle (optional)
G75  Canned cycle, OD grooving cycle (optional)
G76  Canned cycle, Thread cutting cycle (optional)
G90  Cutting cycle A
G92  Thread cutting cycle
G94  Cutting cycle B
G96  Constant surface speed mode, G97 cancel
G97  Constant RPM mode, G96 cancel
G98  Feed spec. in inches per minute, G99 cancel
G99  Feed spec. in  inches per revolution, G98 cancel

The following "M" codes are supported:

M00  Absolute stop
M01  Optional stop
M02  End of program
M03  Start spindle clockwise
M04  Start spindle counterclockwise
M05  Spindle stop
M06  Collet air on, open collet
M07  Collet air off, close collet
M08  Coolant on
M09  Coolant off
M10  Air on (Open automatic door)
M11  Air off (Close automatic door)
M30  End of program
M60  Handshake line to robot low (optional)
M61  Handshake line to robot high (optional)
M62  Wait for line from robot to go low (optional)
M63  Wait for line from robot to go high (optional)
M64  Ignore line from robot (optional)
M65  Enable line from robot (optional)
M70  Handshake line to PLC low (optional)
M71  Handshake line to PLC high (optional)
M72  Wait for line from PLC to go low (optional)
M73  Wait for line from PLC to go high (optional)
M74  Ignore line from PLC (optional)
M75  Enable line from PLC (optional)
M86  User #1 on
M87  User #1 off
M88  User #2 on
M89  User #2 off
M98  Call subroutine
M99  Subroutine return

The following auxiliary codes are supported:

D   Depth of cut, etc., in canned cycles, other uses
E   Lead specification in long format (optional)
F   Feed rate specification
I    X direction radius offset in circular interpolation
K  Z direction radius offset in circular interpolation
L   Repeating factor
N  Line numbering
P   Subroutine call out and canned cycle usage
Q  Canned cycle usage
R   Radius designation in circular interpolation
S   Spindle speed specification, surface speed spec.
T   Tool and tool length offset compensation (optional)
U   Incremental movement specification, part diameter
W  Incremental movement specification, length of part
X   Absolute movement specification, diameter of part
Z   Absolute movement specification, length of part

The following controls are provided:

On-Off keyswitch
Emergency stops (2)
Pulser 1X, 10X, 100X
Axis select switch
X and Z home indicators
Mode select switch
Rapid traverse override
Cycle start
Feed hold
Spindle on
Spindle off
Spindle manual control
Toggle switches -

Single block; Block delete; Optional stop; Dry run; Coolant On-Off-Auto; Air On-Off-Auto; User #1 On-Off-Auto; User #2 On-Off-Auto; Spindle reverse CW-CCW; Memory lock

LED's -

Robot to and from; PLC to and from; Machine failure; X and Z home; Pulser active



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