Advanced Slant Bed

Rhino Robotics Ltd. ST/8 CNC Lathe



The ST/8 is the top-of-the-line chucker lathe made by Rhino. It is designed to give advanced students the type of experience they need to prepare for the shop floor and the engineering office. It can make real parts in real time. Like all Rhino lathes, the ST/8 is mounted on a 60 degree slant bed and follows the Fanuc dialect of RS-274D. All the canned cycles from G70 to G76 are available on the ST/8.

The ST/8 spindle supports the industry standard D1-4 Camlock head. This head accepts all standard tooling and work holding devices. It is provided with a universal 5 inch 3 jaw chuck as standard equipment. A full range of automatic working holding accessories are available for this spindle both from Rhino and third party vendors.

The spindle of the ST/8 has a 1.25 inch hole through it and accepts the full line of 5C collets and accessories. Automatic collet closers are available from Rhino. The full line of accessories available make the ST/8 the lathe of choice for all serious training programs.

The robot, PLC and User interfaces provided by Rhino allow the ST/8 lathe to be used as an integral part of all your CIM and FMS investigations. The lathe also is available as a part of the workcells that Rhino provides.

The use of IBM-PC compatible diskette drives for program storage means that any computer in the lab can be used to write and test programs for the ST/8.

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