Rhino makes four CNC lathes for the serious educator. The two basic lathes are the ST/6 and the ST/8. If you need a lathe smaller than the ST/6 but want to preserve the very popular software that the ST/6 provides, we recommend the ST/5. If you don't need a lathe as large as the ST/8 but would still like to use the Fanuc type controller, we recommend the ST/7 which is essentially an ST/6 with the full sized Fanuc type controller and servo motors.

These lathes and the supporting software, hardware and courseware provided are designed specifically for education.

All these lathes follow the RS-274D language that is specified by EIA (Electronic Industries Association). This language is followed by the manufacturers of all coordinate machines, and once a student learns this language, he or she will be able to learn how to control most CNC machines using the RS-274D with ease.

The ST/5

The ST/5 uses a small 3 inch lathe in an industrial slant bed configuration to provide an inexpensive solution to the problem of introducing beginning students to CNC technology. The slant bed configuration is important because it allows the M03 and M04 and the G02 and G03 commands to work the way they do on the shop floor. It uses the Fanuc language used by the ST/6, the ST/7 and the ST/8.

The ST/5 can be used in work cell development and all the necessary interfaces  and accessories are available from Rhino. The ST/5 is controlled from an DOS compatible computer.

The ST/6

The ST/6 lathe is as small as you can build a small lathe and still get real work done. It has a full one inch hole through the spindle and a very powerful permanent magnet DC motor. Complete control of the spindle from the software is an integral part of the system. This allows for thread cutting and constant surface speed machining. It can take a substantial cut on each side of a 3/4 inch aluminum bar in one pass.


With the optional 8 position automatic tool changer you can make real parts in real time. All the accessories that you need to set up a real CIM/FMS work cell are available directly from Rhino for complete one stop responsibility for all your CIM/FMS needs. The ST/6 is controlled from a DOS compatible computer.

The ST/7

The S/7 is the ST/6 lathe with DC servo motors instead of stepper motors and the ST/8 Fanuc 6T type controller in place of the DOS computer. It gives you a very fast, very powerful lathe for an unbelievably low price. The 8 position tool changer is standard equipment on the ST/7.

The ST/8

The ST/8 is the top of the line of the educational and training lathes. It provides you with a faithful emulation of the world famous Fanuc 6T controller and all the controls that it provides. All controls, buttons, switches and dials on the ST/8 controller emulate the controls on the Fanuc 6T controller. Every keystroke and every screen provided on the Fanuc controller is emulated faithfully on the Rhino ST/8 controller.

The ST/8 is designed to give your students the familiarity and experience they need with a full sized industrial controller at an affordable price.


The Rhino lathes are the only lathes on the market that provide the robot interface, the programmable logic controller (PLC) interface and the User #1 and User #2 interfaces that are needed to create true, fully operational, industrial grade CIM/FMS work cells in the classroom.


For a comparison of Rhino's slant bed CNC lathes, click on the above link.



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