• Support hardware for all standard size wire spools
  • Cuts 28 AWG to 16 AWG wire
  • Cuts in inches or millimeters
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Replaceable cutting blades made of hardened tool steel
  • Calculator style keyboard
  • Small size for workbench use
  • Rugged, anodized aluminum construction
Rhino Wire Cutter - Click for larger image

The Rhino Programmable Wire Cutter is a low cost, high performance machine designed to automatically cut accurate lengths of wire without supervision. Being extremely easy and cost effective to use, the Wire Cutter represents an important tool for small to large manufacturers of electronic and electrical products. Rugged, dependable and versatile, this hard worker will cut wires unattended in either inches or millimeters, providing up to 10,000 cutting operations each work day.

An internal microprocessor reads the keypad, controls the output display and operates two DC servo motors. One motor operates the cutter blades and the other feeds the wire. An optical encoder on the feed motor enables the system to cut wires with high accuracy and repeatability. The 20 position calculator style keypad is used to enter information to the cutter while the 5 digit display provides information to the user.

The user need only tell the machine how many wires are needed and the desired length. The Wire Cutter will cut the wires accurately and inform the user when the task is completed.

The Rhino Programmable Wire Cutter is suitable for those applications requiring from 100 to about 10,000 wires a day. It will cut wires from 28 to 16 gauge copper. Wires may be stranded or solid, insulated or uninsulated. The Cutter is also suitable for cutting other wire-like materials. The Wire Cutter feeds wire at 2.5 inches (63.5 mm) per second and each cut takes approximately 2 seconds. This means that the Programmable Wire Cutter can cut up to 700 eight inch (203 mm) wires in an hour. In the manual mode, the Wire Cutter will dispense wire to the operator in any length desired.

The Wire Cutter will accommodate a wire reel up to 10.0 inches (254 mm) in diameter and 6.0 inches (152 mm) wide in its built-in reel carrier. Wire may also be fed manually or from a bulk feeder by using the idler pulley provided with the Wire Cutter.

The cutter blades have four usable sets of edges on them that are easily resharpened or replaced. The blades are machined from hardened tool steel and are spring loaded for long trouble-free service. A felt reservoir supplies lubrication.

The Rhino Programmable Wire Cutter can be serviced by any knowledgeable service technician familiar with mechanical and electrical devices. Factory service is available from the Rhino Robotics Ltd. factory.

The Rhino Programmable Wire Cutter is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days on all electronic and mechanical parts.

Programmable Wire Cutter
The following instructions are available at the 20 key keypad:
Part Number:
Numbers 0 to 9
Enter Numbers
CUT Cut wire in manual/ mode
LENGTH Set wire length
COUNT Set number of wires required
ENTER End number entry
STOP Abort current operation
FEED IN Feed wire in manually
FEED OUT Feed wire out manually
START Start programmed cycle
CLEAR Clear the last keyboard entry
SCALE Select inch or millimeter operation

Depth: 9.4 inches (238 mm)
Width: 7.0 inches (178 mm)
Height: 13.6 inches (343 mm)
Net Weight:
17 lbs. (7.7 kg)
Power Requirements:
110-120 VAC 75 watts
220-240 VAC 75 watts
0.1 inches (2.0 mm)
Nominal Feed Rate:
2.5 inches/sec (63.5 mm/sec)
Wire Size Range:
28 AWG to 16 AWG solid or stranded
Cutting Length Range: 0.1 to 999.9 inches (1 to 9,999 mm)
Max. Insulation O.D.:
0.12 inches (3.0 mm)

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