The ST/5 Work Cell


Rhino Robotics offers a number of pre-configured work cells to meet your particular equipment requirements. This is just an example of one of the work cells. Contact us for details on the other work cells.

Rhino Robotics Ltd. Work Cell 12 with ST/5 and  XR-4



This work cell demonstrates a completely automatic manufacturing work cell. It features a robot fed ST/5 lathe with a conveyor to emulate a manufacturing environment.

The ST/5 work cell consists of the following major components:

·  An ST/5 CNC Lathe

·  Automatic Chuck (pneumatic)

·  Automatic Door opener (pneumatic)

·  Work cell table with slotted top

·  Lathe loader XR-4 robot with controller

·  Programmable Logic Controller

·  Conveyor

·  Complete pneumatics

·  All necessary hardware to assemble

·  All necessary manuals

The above components are integrated into a work cell that is completely programmable. It can be set to manufacture a number of parts completely automatically. All functions are controlled by the students through the controlling computer (computer not included). The students are free to experiment with the system.

The work cell demonstrates the following disciplines:

·   CNC machining principles

·   Use of PLCs in the workplace

·   Pneumatics

·   Computer control and software

·   Lathe emulation on the computer

·   Conveyor and pallet usage

·   Machine integration and sensors

·   Logical sequences

·   Programming techniques

·   CIM and FMS principles

The ST/5 CIM work cell provides beginning students with an introduction to Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) and Flexible Machining Systems (FMS) in a nonintimidating and affordable package. The system can be integrated into other computer and PLC controlled devices with ease. It uses standard 24 volt PLC input/output devices and sensors as are used in industry.



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